Thursday, June 11, 2009

We are coming home!

We have Mariah's passport and visa we are cleared for travel. We will have one final day in Kyiv before flying out early on Saturday. We spent the afternoon seeing the sights and visiting with a family who is here from Chicago. They are adopting a little girl. It was a great afternoon and I enjoyed hearing their story.

Love Made the Difference

When we saw you for the very first time

there you were

with no one to call your own

You looked up at us

We saw the sparkle in your eyes, we heard you laugh

and watched you smile

All the waiting and now we are here

All the wondering and now we know

You are the one

You will never be alone

Now you will have a home,

a place where you belong

When you laugh

we will laugh with you

When you cry

we will dry your tears

Now you have someone

to call your own

You belong,

You belong to us


  1. It seriously gives me goosebumps to read your blog and that poem! You have been given such a your daughter AND in the beauty of understanding what it is to unconditionally love a child that needed a family. I am thankful you listened to God's calling. You will be blessed!!!

  2. Beautiful poem!! Hope you trip home was good! Ours was very very long, but Jake was a trooper! How did Mariah fare? I was going to call you when we were in Chicago, but I put your phone number in my check-through luggage! I was a bit absent minded when packing I think! LOL

    I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed sharing our journey together with your family! It was a blessing to have you guys with us every step of the way! Beginning of a lifelong friendship!! Thank you again!

  3. I just found your blog through the Halls, who used the Lifeline agency in Birmingham and were in Ukraine at the same time as we were last year. I think we adopted our Sasha from the same Baby House where Mariah lived! We haven't found any others on the web who have gone to Kriviry Rig, so I was excited to see photos of the orphanage and they look so familiar! We also adopted Sasha's two brothers at the same time from an older children's orphanage in K.R. Good to be home, isn't it?

  4. UPDATE! UPDATE! The crowd wants to know how you're all doing! Blessings!